About Sonia

Welcome to My Affiliate Toolbox!

My name is Sonia Zannoni, an affiliate marketer and the owner of this website. The chances are that if you ended up here, it is because you want to learn how to make money online and build a thriving business. Let’s just say you have come to the right place!

The Story of Sonia and My Affiliate Toolbox

Growing up, I was what you would call a “nerd,” I loved learning, especially everything related to science.

So, back then, if someone had told me that one day I would be an affiliate marketer, I would have said to that person, are you off your rocker?

Sonia Zannoni — CEO of My Affiliate Toolbox, Inc.

In fact, I never envisioned myself becoming an affiliate marketer. I was more inclined toward science than marketing. As a result, I have a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and have worked in the scientific field for the last 25 years.

Then, life happened, and this will probably resonate with many of you that are currently reading this post. In early 2014, I lost my job and found myself struggling financially. Thus, rather than just looking for another job as a scientist, I decided to reinvent myself and chose a new career path.

Consequently, I turned to the internet and searched for how I could work from home, earn a passive income, and be my own boss. After several trials and errors, I eventually stumbled upon the Wealthy Affiliate website. 

Needless to say, by joining the awesome Wealthy Affiliate community, my journey into the world of affiliate marketing had just begun. I created a few websites over the years and learned a lot in the process. As a manner of fact, I am still learning as affiliate marketing keeps evolving, and by the way, the future never looked brighter for affiliates!

My Goal with My Affiliate Toolbox

I created My Affiliate Toolbox to share what I learned over the years by helping you build and manage a successful online business, whether you are an aspiring or experienced affiliate marketer.

Nowadays, the online space is overflowing with loads of ways to make money online and build an affiliate marketing business. 

As a result, how do you make sense of what is a scam and what is a legit opportunity? It can be overwhelming to sift through all these offers and distinguish the good from the bad!

Don’t fret! I will help you by providing you with insightful content, service reviews, internet marketing tools, my unbiased opinion on affiliate marketing, and so much more! 

Now, if you are ready to tag along with me into the affiliate world and learn the ropes of internet marketing, let’s get you started on the path of becoming a successful affiliate marketer!

If you ever need a hand, have any questions, or want to share your opinions feel free to leave them below or contact me, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Thanks for stopping by the best resources for affiliates.

All the best,

Sonia Zannoni