My Wealthy Affiliate ​Review — Cutting-Edge Marketing Platform

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate Review! An honest and comprehensive review with insightful information about the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate can help you grow your business.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. Back then, it was merely a keyword list site. WOW! Who would have thought that more than 15 years later, it would have evolved to become the industry leader in providing the most innovative, extensive resources for affiliate marketers and being the most technologically advanced platform in the industry?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate marketing platform? It is an all-inclusive platform with all the tools and resources needed to help you build, grow, and manage a successful online business. Moreover, the WA platform includes website hosting, training courses made by one of the co-founders, Kyle, and video and blog tutorials created by the WA members. Of course, you also have the WA community, which offers tremendous support and countless networking opportunities among members. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so do you want to learn more? Then, what are you waiting for? Read my full review below.

First, let’s look at what the WA platform is in a nutshell!

Wealthy Affiliate – Quick Overview

NameWealthy Affiliate
OwnersKyle & Carson
Training5.0 out of 5.0
WordPress Hosting5.0 out of 5.0
Website Platform5.0 out of 5.0
Research Tools5.0 out of 5.0
Support5.0 out of 5.0
Affiliate Program4.9 out of 5.0
PriceStarter Member: FREE
Premium: $49/mth or $495/yr
My Affiliate Toolbox Rating5.0 out of 5.0
My Wealthy Affiliate Review — Kyle and Carson, the Founders of WA.

Get Step-by-Step Training, Must Learn to Walk Before We Can Run!

First off, Wealthy Affiliate is for EVERYONE, newbies and experienced marketers alike, women, men, old or young!

If you ended up on this post, the chances are that you are looking to make money online, and start your own business. However, you are probably wondering where to begin. What my online business should be about? What should I choose to sell to earn revenue online?

The first thing you need to figure out is, what are you passionate about or have an INTEREST in. That will be your niche. Otherwise, not if, but when you hit some downs, you will be more likely to give up if you are not passionate about the product or service that you are trying to sell.

The next step is to educate yourself about affiliate marketing. The platform here at Wealthy Affiliate has you covered, as it offers the most current and comprehensive training in the industry.

There are several courses available to learn the ropes about affiliate marketing:

  • Online Certification Courses (50 courses)
  • Affiliate Bootcamp (70 courses)
  • Weekly Live Events
Certification Courses Overview.

The Online Certification Course offers training aimed at helping you create your online business based on your interest or selected niche, which could be, for instance, selling golf lessons.

While the Affiliate Bootcamp provides training to help you promote this neat and very lucrative affiliate program, Wealthy Affiliate.

Lastly, the weekly Live Events are webinars hosted by Jay Neill. These webinars provide more training on all the different aspects of affiliate marketing as you also get access to over 400’s hours of replays inside WA.

Wealthy Affiliate training courses are not just for newbies! Even though you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, there is no harm in taking a look at the cutting-edge training within WA, as you might learn a thing or two directly from the experts, Kyle and Carson, that will enable you to be always ahead of your competition!

WordPress Hosting, Most Secure Hosting Anywhere!

Your online business starts with a website, so you need fitting web hosting. The website platform at Wealthy Affiliate, through its managed WordPress hosting, provides you with the ideal environment to build the foundation of your online business.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review — Comparison Chart of the Hosting Platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

As shown in the picture above, as a starter member, you get one website, whereas as a premium member, you can host up to 10 websites.

With the daily backups feature, there is no need to get a plugin to do the job! The web hosting platform of Wealthy Affiliate performs daily backups for you. So, if any mishaps happen and you screw up your site, it can be restored to an earlier version saved from the day before!  Thus, this prevents you from having to rebuild your website/business from scratch or, in the worst-case scenario, lose your livelihood altogether! Great news, isn’t it?

As far as website security is concerned, don’t worry. The WA platform got you covered! It is called SiteProtect, and it helps keep spam comments out of your website, block malware, and prevent bot-net attacks, and the hacking of your site.

Nowadays, speed is pretty much everything. People searching the internet are often very impatient, and yes, I am one of those people! So, if you are like me, you don’t want to wait forever for a page to load up, and if it takes too long to load, you will hit the back button and move to another search result!

So, here comes SiteSpeed, a proprietary WA technology to speed up your website. Google loves websites with fast loading speeds and tends to rank these websites better. Plus, a site that loads faster translates into a better user experience and higher conversion for YOU; it is a win-win situation!

Another great feature included within the platform at Wealthy Affiliate is Free SSL Certificates. So, instead of having an HTTP, you get an HTTPS, which helps protect your visitor’s data. 

The Website Platform, the In-House Power Tools!

As shown in the picture below, under the tab called Website, you will find all in one place the tools needed to create, grow and manage your online business. The first four are available for both membership levels, whereas the SiteComments, the SiteFeedback, and the SiteSupport are only available to the premium members.

Overview of the Website Platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

As the name implies, the SiteManager enables you to manage all your websites efficiently, and it is also the place where you can log in to your site.

The SiteBuilder is impressive and easy to use! It allows you to build your website in about 30 seconds or so!

The SiteDomains is a service that helps find, register, and manage your domain all in one place!

The next one, SiteContent, is a writing platform. By far, this is one of my favorite tools on the platform!

The SiteContent allows you to write, edit your posts, check the grammar and the formatting, and add free imagery. Then, once you are done, you just hit the “publish button,” and that’s it. Your post is published on your website!

Plus, the SiteContent is a huge time-saver since you can create writing templates for more efficiency and set writing goals to help you stay focused.

The SiteComments is an invaluable asset to the platform, in my opinion. It is fun and a breeze to use! You can request as many comments as you want for your website.

However, SiteComments is a give-and-take system based on a credit system. Thus, to get comments on your website, first, you must give comments on other people’s websites to earn credits, which can be later used to ask for comments for your site.

Having comments on your site shows engagement from your visitors, which is part of the user experience in Google’s eyes. Thus, Google tends to better rank websites with great user experience.

The SiteFeedback allows you to get feedback on your site. As you build your website, you can ask other WA members to look at your site and get constructive critiques on your content, web design, and so on, ultimately aiming to help you improve your website.

Lastly, SiteSupport is really awesome! If you have any technical issues with your site, for instance, your website is down, contact SiteSupport!

You get round-the-clock support, which means 24 hours/7 days/365 days. Furthermore, these Guys and Gals work at lightning speed! Considering you usually get help on average within 5 minutes! Entirely unheard-of within the affiliate marketing industry!

The Ultimate Keyword Research Tool: Jaaxy!

As you build your website, you need content! Moreover, the way to create content is through keyword research.

Wealthy Affiliate is fully aware of this, which is why it provides with its platform a keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

There are four options to choose from, and the neat thing about this is that 2 of them are FREE!

Here they are:

Jaaxy Pricing Options.

Jaaxy is the most advanced keyword research tool and is very easy to use. Moreover, Jaaxy will give you an edge over your competition and help you outrank them in the search engines.

A Throbbing and Supportive Community!

When starting as an affiliate marketer, you often have more questions than answers, which is completely normal.

As a result, while building your online business, you might need some help! Well, Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy for you to get the support you need, and this can be found all in one place, just hit the tab Help Center!

There are a few ways in which you could get help from the WA community, as shown in the picture below:

Screenshot of the Wealthy Affiliate Help Center.

Wealthy Affiliate offers affiliate tools for your business and is a community platform, which provides an ideal environment for members to interact with each other and build their network.

Remember, the WA community gives invaluable help to anyone who asks for it! So when you are stuck, go to the help center and hit Ask a Question, and the WA members will come to the rescue!

Next, you have the Live Chat, which in my opinion, is the best way to get help fast! However, this feature is only available to WA Premium Members.

So, if you have questions or want to bounce ideas about your business, go into the Live Chat and ask! Who knows, maybe Kyle himself might be the one helping you out, as he visits the Live Chat regularly!

Moreover, if you are a premium member, you can use the Private Message feature to contact other WA members and ask for help.

Since Wealthy Affiliate is a helping community, you can get coaching from either Kyle or Carson, owners of the Wealthy Affiliate, which is quite unheard of in the affiliate marketing space! Furthermore, as depicted in the picture, you can get help or advice from the top helpers inside WA.

Lastly, the WA community is the largest affiliate marketers’ community in the world, with over two million people coming from different walks of life, ranging from newbies to expert affiliate marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate Program with Recurring Commissions

Many companies offer Affiliate Programs where you can promote their business and receive a commission each time you make a sale. Wealthy Affiliate is no different. It has an affiliate program, which is among the most lucrative in the industry.

It is based on a recurring commission system. So, if you refer someone to WA, you will get paid each month a commission as long as your referral sticks around.

If you are a Premium member, your recurring commissions are doubled! Take a look at the comparison chart below:

My Wealthy Affiliate Review — Recurring Commission Overview.

But wait, there’s more! If you get 300 premium referrals within the year, in other words, if 300 people upgrade to the premium membership, you get a REWARD! Yes, you will be invited to join Kyle and Carson at a private conference in Las Vegas, all expenses paid!

The Wealthy Affiliate Pricing – Why Opt for the Yearly Premium Membership?

Two types of membership are offered when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate: Starter and Premium.

In the picture below is a breakdown of what you get with each membership:

My Wealthy Affiliate Review — Comparison Chart.

As you can see in the image above, the Starter Member is FREE to join.

Then, the Premium Member option gives you full access to the Wealthy Affiliate platform for $49/month. However, there is another payment option available to you. You can pay your membership yearly, which costs $495/yr.

Paying your premium membership yearly might seem a bit costly initially, but you will save $93/yr! Another way to look at it is that you will get 12 months for 10!

Furthermore, other perks come with choosing the yearly option. First, you will get one free .com domain, and secondly, you will get a $50 community credit to spend toward SiteComments or SiteFeedback for your website.

Dare to compare? Let’s look at some other web hosting providers that are similar in terms of quality to Wealthy Affiliate. The first one is WPEngine, where you can host five websites for $115/month, and the second one is Pagely, which costs $199/month for five sites as well! And this is ONLY for hosting your website, and you still need to go elsewhere to get affiliate tools and learn how to build your online business!

Wouldn’t you agree that you get so much more for less with the Wealthy Affiliate platform?

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform, Is It Worth It?

Here you have a thorough review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, the industry’s most comprehensive, technologically advanced marketing platform!

Everything you need for your online business is here on the WA platform. However, you must be willing to put in the time and work hard to achieve success. As you know, Rome was not built in one day; neither will your online business! Thus, success won’t happen overnight!

Before I leave you today, I will let you in on a very well-kept secret. Did you know that about 90% of businesses online don’t have access to a marketing platform like Wealthy Affiliate?

Thus, by educating yourself through the most current training in the industry and using all the resources at your disposal within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you have a HUGE advantage over your competition, and, therefore, can significantly increase your odds of becoming a successful affiliate marketer!

Try Wealthy Affiliate for free by signing up for the starter membership; it will allow you to take a look around. Next, if you are committed to building a successful online business, you should upgrade to Premium membership.

Now, if you take a moment and think about this, the Premium Membership costs less than $2/day! So, for less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can gain access to the entire Wealthy Affiliate marketing platform! Pretty much worth it, wouldn’t you say?

If you have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate or the tools included in the WA platform, please drop me a line below, and I will help you. Also, if you are a fellow WA member and would like to share your story about WA or post your review of Wealthy Affiliate below, I would love to hear it.

26 thoughts on “My Wealthy Affiliate ​Review — Cutting-Edge Marketing Platform”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is truly a great platform, and looking at its success stories, you’ll be very interested in joining such a platform.

    From what I have learned about Wealthy Affiliate, I have noticed they stand out in many ways, of which by the live video training offered and also the community of people always willing to help out other members. These perks are not something common with other training platforms. It’s one of the best places to learn for me about affiliate marketing.

    • Wealthy Affiliate offers cutting-edge training and all the tools needed to grow and manage an online business.

      Teaching about affiliate marketing and helping people are the core values of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Yep. I have used the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I can attest to the fact that the site works. What’s important to note – and you bring this up in the article- that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. No, there is work involved here, and one must generate his or her own motivation to get going. But the benefit is tangible, for those who know how to discipline themselves. With this site, you can actually have that online job that many people dream of.

    Additionally, the site offers all the education needed to get started, making it the only place you will need to get started and get going.

    • You are absolutely right in order to achieve success and earn a living with your online business; you have to put in the work. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

  3. Hello, 

    I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Wealthy Affiliate.

    From your review, it’s obvious that this platform is the complete package. I’ve seen plenty of similar programs out there before, but they all seem to be just after your money and not offering you any real value.

    With Wealthy Affiliate, I get the feeling they genuinely want you to succeed. I’ve been a member for a while now and what I love most about them is that they provide a good support system and other tools like the Jaxxy tool and the website builder and hosting that many other programs do not offer. They’re definitely an “all-in-one” platform, and I am happy I found them.

    • Thank you for your feedback.

      As you said, Wealthy Affiliate is quite a unique marketing platform within the affiliate space. Personally, what made me join the Wealthy Affiliate community was indeed the fact they genuinely want you to succeed by providing all in one place the tools, the training that you ever need to create, grow and manage your online business.

      Best of luck to you within the WA platform, if you ever need help, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line, I would be more than happy to assist you in any way that I can.

  4. Thanks for this great review- I will be honest, I am currently a Wealthy Affiliate member now and would recommend it to anyone reading.

    I do have a question however from reading your article. My reason for joining WA was to learn about the world of affiliate marketing with most of my efforts to-date being on physical products. Your post reminded me that WA has a built-in affiliate program for their own service- do think this is something worth promoting on its own or should you also market products as well as to not put all of your eggs into one basket so to speak?

    • To answer your question, it’s all come down to your personal preferences. I know that it sounds like a lame answer, but it’s true!

      Personally, if you have a hobby or a passion, you should build a niche website based on that. It will allow you to learn more about all the tools and features of the Wealthy Affiliate platform thoroughly. After your site is attracting good traffic as well as earning you some money, and if you feel quite comfortable using the WA platform, then you should sign up for the affiliate bootcamp. By doing so, you will learn all about promoting Wealthy Affiliate and at the same time, set up your website for promoting it.

      However, if you don’t have a hobby from which you want to build a website or that your passion is to promote WA, then, you should sign up for the  Affiliate bootcamp right away and follow the training for setting up your site to promote Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Hope it helps, thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

  5. Excellent and thoroughly in-depth review. How long and how much dedication is required to build a sustainable income online?

    The key is, Sustainable! I’ve chased and made money with a few of those internet fads MMO products before…, and the result was that I had many times, to hop from one offer to the next as the product’s lifecycle expires, which brings another question: Is Wealthy Affiliate like that?

    • If you want to be successful online, it takes a lot of the dedication and hard work. Because building a profitable niche website won’t happen overnight. You have to be willing to put in the time and the efforts. No magic formula exists to predict how much time it will take before you start making money online.

      Finally, if you include as part of your affiliate marketing toolbox, the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you can build a sustainable online business. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, by any means. WA has been present in the affiliate marketing space since 2005 and plans to be around for many years to come because Kyle and Carson always keep improving the platform year after years. So, no worries, there is no expiration date in sight for WA! 

  6. I am thinking about joining the Wealthy Affiliate program. As I actually got hacked once already this month, and my current hosting provider just sucks. They don’t scan the site to see whether something is wrong or not. If I move my website to the Wealthy Affiliate platform, will they do it? And how long will it take to move a site?

    • I’m sorry to hear that your site has been hacked. That really sucks! Rest assured, the chances of this occurring at Wealthy Affiliate are very slim to none. The platform at Wealthy Affiliate includes an advanced feature called SiteProtect, which protects against hacking, malware, and botnet attacks. This feature is available to all premium members.

      If you want to transfer the hosting of your website here on the WA platform, it is pretty easy to do so. Usually, it can be done in less than 24 hours.

      There are loads of tutorials inside the WA platform that explain the process of transferring hosting from different registrars to the SiteDomains here at WA. If you need more help with this just send me a PM and I will guide you through the process.

  7. I really enjoyed reading this Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m always looking to know more about it, I’m also a member of this great community, but sometimes I can get a little busy with my site that I forget about some tools I can work with as the benefits of this great platform.

    One thing I like most of it, it’s how Kyle and Carson are always looking for a way to improve WA to help everyone to become a wealthy affiliate!

    Thanks for sharing a great review.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Wealthy Affiliate. I am glad to see that you chose the WA platform to build and manage your online business. 

      The tools provided are so amazing and are intended to help every affiliate marketer within the platform to run their online business efficiently. Personally, my favorite one is the SiteContent as it has dramatically improved my writing efficiency! 

      Therefore, you ought to take fully used all the affiliate tools provided inside the WA platform as it will for sure help you take your business further on the path to success! 

  8. Hey. I really needed such a platform. I am overwhelmed by all this information about affiliate marketing. It’s good that I found your review and I’m about to sign up for a Wealthy Affiliate. I like that there are weekly live classes and so many learning courses. That will teach me everything I want to know. Thanks.

    • The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that you get to test drive the platform for free, so click here to create your account. By doing so, you get to see for yourself what WA is all about.

      It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but if you ever need help as you build your business, please drop me a line here or send me a private message within Wealthy Affiliate and will gladly help you out.

  9. Hey Sonia,

    I honestly enjoyed your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I really like how you went into detail. So, this way, everybody gets an insight into how it works. 

    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member myself, I joined two years ago, and I got to say they genuinely supply you with everything, plus the price is ok.

    I mean, you can host up to 25 websites you own if you want. The web hosting feature alone will cost you somewhere else more than the yearly membership for Wealthy Affiliate, and this is per month! 🙂

    However, it’s all about the training and the awesome WA community. Their training courses are updated regularly, and they really teach you everything you need to know and so much more!

    • Well, I am glad to see that you enjoyed reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review!

      I think that it is totally unheard of in the affiliate marketing space to have an elite, all-around platform, where not only you can learn about affiliate marketing but also manage your business. Most importantly, all of this for less than $1 per day if you choose for the yearly membership! Talk about getting a great return on your investment! 

      Thanks, fellow WA member for sharing your thoughts, hopefully, I will see you in the Live Chat soon…

  10. Sonia, after reading your review I believe the best thing about your Wealthy Affiliate is that it is an entirely holistic platform.

    Once you joined, it appears you need to go nowhere else. That suits me to the ground. No flitting around trying to find out who offers what.

    The costs seem completely reasonable. I read somewhere that these have remained basically stable since Wealthy Affiliate was founded back in 2005. Even if the prices are ever going up, those who joined before the change will keep paying the same amount as when they first signed up, for as long as they are a member. Brilliant.

    A well written and very informative article.


    • You are right, Helen, with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, has everything you need to build your online business. So, there is no need to shop around and sign up for other programs and waste valuable time. Your time should be spent toward managing and growing your website.

      As for the price, it hasn’t much since the beginning of Wealthy Affiliate. As a matter of fact, the yearly membership price is nowadays cheaper! Now the cost is $495/yr, and you get a very comprehensive platform, whereas at the beginning the price was $359.88/yr and it was providing keyword lists on a monthly basis!

      As you mentioned even if the price goes up, you are grandfathered at the price you paid when you joined the WA community!  

  11. I completely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate has already become the industry leader in providing the most innovative, extensive resources for affiliate marketers as well as being the most technologically advanced platforms in the industry.

    I’m impressed with many courses and updated weekly training. It is hard to compare it with the others because there is nothing like it.

    • What I like the most about Wealthy Affiliate is the human side of the platform! Kyle and Carson genuinely care about the WA members, the community. 

      As a result, the platform is always evolving to provide a service that is quite unheard of in the industry.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  12. What kind of benefits will I be getting if I join? Can you show me a few ways that people have made a website into a full-time income?

    Also, what is your story and how did you decide that Wealthy Affiliate was right for you? I do think I will give it a try, do you have any suggestions for me to prepare?

    • There are several benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate. You have all in ONE PLACE, affiliate tools (Site Builder, Jaaxy, Site Content), and so much more to help you build, grow and manage a thriving online business. Furthermore, the best part of being a WA member is the community, which is more than 2 million people and growing.

      As for examples of success stories, there are many, and instead of me telling you all them, you should take advantage of the fact that you can sign up for free and become a Starter Member.

      Once you are a member, you will have FULL access to all the features of the WA platform, allowing you to peruse around the platform, test it out to see if it’s for you. Also, this will enable you to go in the Live Chat, where you can talk with other members ask questions about WA as well as about their experiences with WA.

      Now about my own story… I joined WA back in 2015 mainly because I wanted to work from home, earn an income and be my own boss. What I value most within Wealthy Affiliate is the helping community. Whenever I get stuck, have questions, I just turn to the community and ask. Their incredible support, as well as the current training available, is why I joined and, most importantly, why I am still a member today!

      Lastly, as for suggestions, you should sign up. It is free. Start by doing the training called the certification course to learn about affiliate marketing and interact with the community members, as you can learn from their experiences.

      Thanks for your great questions. If you have more, please don’t hesitate to leave them below.

  13. So many great things about WA! I really appreciate you pointing out the extra perks they provide such as site security and speed. Although, I didn’t realize that one of google’s parameters was to look for fast loading sites. I didn’t know that affected your ranking. I’m glad that WA has that covered!

    • One of the biggest fears for many affiliate marketers is to have their websites hacked. It could have dire consequences.

      As you mentioned, there are awesome security features like Spam Blocker, which prevent spam comments from reaching your site, the Site SSL which provides encryption to protect the visitors’ data, or as I like to call it your peace of mind feature! 

      The last one but not the least by far is the Site Speed which dramatically improves the page loading time and your ranking in search engines as a result!

      WA prizes the user’s experience greatly and stands out from many other platforms in the industry by providing the most technologically advanced tools to their members to help them protect their assets (website) and allow them to offer to their website’s visitors a better user experience. 

      I am glad that you found value in my Wealthy Affiliate Review, thanks for your feedback.


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